Reasons for excessive consumption of lubricating oil in air compressors

1. The oil level in the oil and gas separator is too high; remove part of the lubricating oil to reduce the oil level to the specified height. Observe the oil level gauge while the machine runs to determine the oil level.

2. The secondary oil return pipe is blocked; clean the oil return pipe and whether the oil return check valve is damaged.

3. Exhaust temperature is too high;

4. Improper adjustment of the oil return pipe; adjust the distance between the oil return suction pipe and the bottom of the separator core to ensure that the end of the suction pipe is made 45°.

5. The oil separator core is damaged;

6. Lubricating oil pipeline leakage;

7. Seal failure;

8. The loading and unloading cycles are too frequent;

9. Improper use of lubricating oil;

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