Advantages of screw air compressor

Screw air compressor is a kind of rotary displacement compressor, and it is also the most widely used one. In it, two rotors with spiral gear mesh with each other, so as to compress the gas and discharge it.

  1. High reliability: screw air compressor has fewer parts and less wearing parts, so it operates reliably and has a long life.
     2, convenient operation and maintenance: operators do not have to go through a long time of professional training, can achieve unattended operation, relatively simple operation, according to the need for air supply.
     3, good power balance: screw air compressor has no unbalanced inertia force, the machine can work smoothly at high speed, can realize no foundation operation, especially suitable for mobile compressor, small size, light weight, small footprint.
     4, strong adaptability: screw air compressor has the characteristics of forced gas transmission, the displacement is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, smooth operation, small vibration, exhaust stability, in a wide range of can maintain high efficiency.
     5. Multiphase mixing: there is actually a gap between the teeth of the rotor of the screw air compressor, so it can withstand liquid impact and send liquid gas, dust gas and easy polymerization gas.
    6. small volume of unit displacement, saving area. 

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