How to choose the air compressor with different power ratio economically and reasonably

  1. Air compressor runs for more than 8 hours: choosing the most energy-saving product is the best solution.
    The price of energy-saving products is relatively high, but it saves running electricity charges. The increased cost for energy-saving is recovered within 1-2 years, and the economic benefits are very good.
    If the machine runs for a long time, but the wrong choice of cheap and high energy consumption products, the energy cost is too large, although the investment cost is low but the use cost is high.
  2. The machine runs for 2-8 hours every day: Choose the most energy saving or medium energy efficiency ratio of products reasonable if the most energy saving products, energy saving products are more expensive, for energy saving increased equipment costs in 2-5 years to recover, the payback period is 1-2 times longer than the operation in more than 8 hours, medium economic benefits. If choose the product that medium energy effect compares, general price is cheaper, one-time investment is less, running time is not too long, running electricity charge also does not calculate too tall, also belong to reasonable choice.

3.The machine runs 1-2 hours a day, it is reasonable to choose products with medium or poor energy efficiency ratio
 Energy efficiency ratio in the middle or poor product price is cheap, the machine running time is short, energy costs are not too much, the significance of energy saving is not big.  Under the circumstance that the running time is very small, if you choose the more expensive energy-saving products, the payback period for energy saving will be more than 10 years, which is uneconomical if the payback period is too long.
 4. Choose large and 30 kW screw air compressor as far as possible
 Screw air compressor efficiency is relatively high in the range of 30-500 kw, less than 30 kW, the smaller the power is worse, any brand is so.  As far as possible, many small machines of 2-22 kW are combined into energy-saving machines of more than 30 kW, and the energy-saving effect reaches 20-60%. The energy-saving efficiency is obvious, and the investment is not high.

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