Screw air compressor accessories purchasing tips

Since entering 2019, with the growing demand for screw air compressors in various industries, screw air compressors have gradually become the mainstream models on the market, and have a higher share in the market. But at the same time of the high popularity of screw air compressors, we also need to pay attention to such a problem: the failure rate of screw air compressors increases year by year with the growth of the number of users.

Put aside some minor ailments, there are many faults that need to be replaced by the accessories of the screw air compressor, and not all manufacturers have sufficient inventory of accessories to sell to users, unless they are looking for a large inventory of accessories manufacturers. At this time, users need to choose some screw air compressor parts by themselves, so how to choose the screw air compressor parts with high cost performance from many long vacations, in this article to share some useful common sense.

A. Whether the accessories of the air compressor are intact and whether the writing on the surface is clear. Whether the product name, specification, model and contact information are complete, whether there is a seal that can prove the safety qualification;

B. Then check whether there is serious deformation, corrosion or crack inside the parts of the screw air compressor, and whether the surface of the parts has sufficient brightness and luster;

C. After observing the surface of the accessories, use the accessories to check the flexibility of the rotation of the accessories themselves. If the rotation is not smooth, it is recommended not to buy;

D. After a period of time after the trial of the accessories, it is confirmed that there is no missing part phenomenon in the total parts of the accessories. After confirmation, it is basically confirmed that the quality of the accessories is reliable.

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