How do line filter achieve uniform filterability?

Line filter (also known as security filter), the shell of the cylinder, is generally made of stainless steel. The internal use of tubular filter elements such as PP meltblown, wire burning, folding, titanium filter elements, activated carbon filter elements, etc., as filter elements, according to different filter media and The design process selects other filter elements to meet the requirements of effluent quality.

The line filter photo is of μm diameter cloth-like, metalized, and high-temperature calcined metal fibers. The double-layered metal fiber mat produces a porosity factor from different pore layers, which can be manipulated to obtain very high filter precision and high levels of soiling compared to single-sided mats. It can be retracted to increase the total filter area and welded by electric welding. It can continuously maintain the actual filtering effect of the filter cloth of the filter press and has the characteristics of three-dimensional network structure, porous material, high porosity, large area, diameter, and uniform distribution.

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